Oasis spa
Price: 2,700 Baht/Person    
02:00 Hour
Quick Fix 2 hour Packages

Magical Four Hand Package
Perhaps our most transformational experience, this treatment begins with Oriental Foot Reflexology and a KIN Secret Charm Silky Hair Treatment given at the same time. Then you encounter the luxurious Oasis Four Hand Massage, a signature treatment. During this choreographed tandem massage, two therapists delicately work with all four hands in synchronization to produce waves of enjoyment. Your whole body will feel lighter and bursting with life after this over-the-top-experience.

Price : 4,900 ++ Baht / 02:00  Hour

Ayurveda Package
This unique spa package begins with the dripping of warm oil on the forehead which is believed to invigorate and sooth the senses and the mind. It is followed by a thorough scalp massage. Next, a traditional East Indian Style warm-oil massage reduces tension, swelling and helps improve sleep. Many find this two-hour treatment helps prevents illness and promotes healing and wellness by balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Price : 3,900++ Baht / 02:00  Hour

Lanna Secrets
During this therapy, ancient time-honored techniques of Northern Thailand reopen blocked energy pathways which cause fatigue and weariness. Relief begins when acupressure is applied during a Traditional Thai Massage followed by Thai Herbal Hot Compresses which dissolve soreness and further releases energy. Finally, an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage completes the relief as powerful herbal essential oils fuse with massage therapy to bring you to the next level of relaxation.

Price : 2,700 ++ Baht / 02:00  Hour
More Time to Indulge 02:30 hour Packages

Coco Mango Package
This sweet and savory treat(ment) is your pathway to tropical bliss. First, Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub of Coconut butter, Shea Butter and Mango uncovers more youthful-looking skin. Then, you will delight in a Body Wrap Cocoon that rehydrates dry skin while its fragrance enchants the senses. Next, a Guinot® Purifying Facial Treatment improves your complexion. Finally, a warm Coconut Oil Body Massage makes you feel delightful and look delicious!

Price : 3,900 ++ Baht / 02:30  Hour

Coconut Nourishing Package
It begins with a Natural Coconut Body Scrub that removes dry skin using finely ground coconut husks and shells. This stimulates blood flow and encourages new skin growth. Then a Coconut Hot Compress Massage relieves pain, stiffness and backache. Finally, a Coconut Hot Oil Massage Therapy unlocks tense muscles, improves circulation and moisturizes sensitive and dry skin while the fresh coconut scent works to alleviates stress and anxiety.

Price 3,900 ++ Baht / 02:30  Hour

Hair Spa Package
This treatment protects and enriches hair and takes it to new levels of health and beauty. The formula of KIN Secret Charms Silky Hair Treatment (made from Shea Butter, Sal Butter and Silk Protein) deeply moisturizes and restores hair to a more youthful splendor. Next, you will tingle as a KIN Secret Charms Rich Body Scrub is applied to be followed by the magic of an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage.

Price 3,800 ++ Baht / 02:30  Hour

Oasis Pampering
This ultimate beauty treatment provides 2½-hours of delight. After your skin is exfoliated with a body scrub using a product of your choice*, you will revel in the delicious sensations of a full-body Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage. Once your body feels younger and more alive, your face is pampered with a Thai Facial. Beware, after this therapy people may not recognize the new, relaxed and more regal-looking you.

Price : 2,700 ++ Baht / 02:30  Hour
All Day Pampering 3 hour and more

Seaside Sensation
This therapy combines our seaside spas’ most popular treatments. First, enjoy a healthful Thai Herbal Steam then take a quick dip in our Cool Pool. Next, receive a cleansing Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Scrub and the Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Wrap. Your seaside pampering sensation is complete with a two-hour King of Oasis Signature Massage and a Detoxifying Facial. Many call this their, “Best spa therapy eeeveer!”

Price :  7,500 ++ Baht / 05:00 Hour

Cool Ocean Breeze
We start with your choice of hydrotherapy, Thai Herbal Steam or Foot Bath. Then your skin will be exfoliated with KIN Ocean Breeze body scrub. Following is a deeply cleansing Aloe Vera Lavender Body Wrap, then a muscle-melting Ayurvedic Body Massage and a Head, Back and Shoulder Massage removes all stress. Finally, your serenity is completed by a cooling After Sun Facial Treatment. Hey, you owe your body this.

Price :  6,500 ++ Baht / 04:00 Hour

Lanna Explorer
This spa experience takes your body, mind, and spirit to an incredible place. It begins with a Thai Herbal Steam to cleanse underlying stress and prepare you for the purifying Body Scrub (your choice of products*) that extracts toxins. Then a King of Oasis Signature Massage revitalizes the body’s matrix and energy lines. Following a Thai facial treatment, you will be amazed at how relaxed and energetic you feel.

Price :  6,500 ++ Baht / 04:00 Hour

Oasis Experience
The pampering “experience of a lifetime” begins with a Thai Herbal Steam, a vitality booster that is followed by a Body Scrub (your choice of products*) to exfoliate your skin. Then a Morocco Red Clay Body Wrap extracts the toxins common to modern life. After a healing Aromatherapy Bath, a Four-hand Massage brings complete relaxation. Finally, you enjoy the ultimate Thai Facial. Four-hours later, you will be radiant and serene.

Price :  5,700 ++ Baht / 04:00 Hour

Oasis Summer Day
After the sun and heat of a tropical day restore and protect your skin. The treatment begins with your choice of KIN Ocean Breeze (Aloe Vera) Body Scrub or a soothing Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Wrap. This is followed by an Aromatherapy Oil Massage with refreshing aromatic scents that restore your body and uplift your senses and finishes with a luxurious and After Sun Facial Treatment. Get your summer glow!

Price :  4,900 ++ Baht / 03:00 Hour

Paradise of Oasis
This is your one-way ticket to paradise. Stress evaporates during the Thai Herbal Steam treatment, then a Body Scrub (your choice of products*) expels the toxins of modern living. Next, a Thai Herbal Clay Body Wrap draws out years of accumulated pollutants. Then an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage erases tension and finally you are refreshed and beautified with a Thai Facial. After four-hours of matchless pampering you emerge completely transformed!

Price :  4,600 ++ Baht / 04:00 Hour
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